Math department head resigns midyear

Kaitlin Musante

Math Department Head Suzanne Lee has resigned from her position, effective immediately, Head of School Laura Ross announced in an email to her students Monday.

Math teacher Kent Nealis will step in as interim department chair, and several math teachers will take over her AP BC Calculus 11, Trigonometry and Functions and Precalculus classes.

“I can understand that her former students are going to feel somewhat uncertain about this unexpected turn of events, but we are so fortunate to have a talented and committed math department faculty to draw upon as we go forward,” Nealis said. “I can confidently speak for the entire math department in saying we are going to work tirelessly to assure that we fully meet the needs of our students.”

During Lee’s tenure at the school, she taught various math classes and was appointed department chair in 2016. She also served as student council adviser for five years but resigned from the position in 2007.

Lee’s students expressed their surprise following the news.

“I think that as a class, we were pretty shocked to hear that Ms. Lee had decided to resign,” Tyra Hirooka ’20 said. “Of course, we’re concerned about how the transition might affect the course for us. But we’re also glad that she’s okay and hope that wherever she is, she’s happy.”