APES classes receive trout egg delivery

Astor Wu

Advanced Placement Environmental Science classes received their annual delivery of trout eggs on Jan 19. Students will now begin to care for and raise the trouts, which will later be released into the Castaic Lake in California when they are large enough to survive on their own.

Science teacher Nadine Eisenkolb, who has been part of this tradition for three years, said that raising the trout allows APES students to play a role in resolving some of the issues they are currently discussing in class, such as overfishing and the depletion of many species.

“This [overfishing and depletion of species] has sparked interest in raising animals in capturing and restocking would populations,” said Eisenkolb.

Eisenkolb also said she enjoys watching students connect with nature and expand their understanding of different animal species development.

APES student Dylan Wan ‘18 said that he was excited and fascinated by the arrival of fish eggs.