Students attend Talk Project meeting

Anusha Mathur

Talk Project representative Ashley Cooper spoke to students interested in presenting at this year’s workshops to inform them about the training process and begin organizing the curriculum on Jan. 29.

The Talk Project is a peer-to-peer sexual violence awareness program. Each year, participants give a presentation about issues including sexual assault, rape and consent culture to sophomores in Choices and Challenges.

“The discussions in the classes [are] very casual and allow students to ask other students about issues like consent and explore real-life scenarios,” Assistant to Head of Upper School Michelle Bracken said.

Ava Payman ’19, who is corresponding with Bracken to coordinate this year’s workshops, said that she was grateful for the opportunity to start organizing in advance, as workshops are scheduled to run in late February. 

“We gained many members from the meeting, which I am so excited about,” Payman said. “We had a great turnout and I hope that everyone continues with the training and performs the workshops.”