Lighting the way: Alumnus returns to stage lighting for winter play

Lindsay Wu

Professional lighting designer and cinematographer Will Adashek ’01 returned to help stage the lighting for the winter play “Our Town,” working in collaboration with set designer Jim Fenhagen and performing arts teacher and director Ted Walch.

Adashek, Fenhagen and Walch decided to design “Our Town” together after reuniting at Kenyon College last year. Adashek said although the design process was standard, the group’s history made the process more interesting.

“This show was a real joy,” Adashek said. “I was also inspired to work with Jim and Ted, as I look up to them both. The play leaves a lot of decisions up to the designers, and there are many approaches that can work, so you really have to collaborate with the director and others designers carefully and deliberately to make sure the approach is clear and consistent.”

Adashek also worked with student members of the crew while designing the lighting.

“I had the same high expectations of them that I would have of the crew at a professional theater,” Adashek said. “Their work is exceptional, and they could work in a professional theater if they wanted to.”

Crew members said that enjoyed working with Adashek.

“Mr. Adashek is always willing to teach if you are willing to learn,” crew member Ashtin Wang ’20 said. “Working with him was fun, and I wish we got to spend more time learning from him.”