Students teach pre-schoolers

Anusha Mathur

Student members of TriSCI volunteered at the Mar Vista Family Center on Feb. 6 to teach science to preschool students. TriSCI, a student-founded non-profit, aims to improve girls’ confidence and interest in the sciences.
TriSCI has been teaching lessons at Mar Vista for the past three years. Typically, three to six volunteers teach around 15 students. Club heads Benjamin Major ’18 and Danny Seplow ’19 finalized six lessons for the remaining sessions this year.
“The purpose of our trips is to get young girls from disadvantaged backgrounds interested in science,” Seplow said. “We do this by doing fun experiments on subjects from non-Newtonian fluids to biology to engineering, and many things in-between,” Seplow said.
The event was originally scheduled for Jan. 23, but staff changes at the center caused delays. The administration is in the process of redesigning the club, after which the club will be renamed. During this process, student club members will continue to tutor at the Mar Vista Family Center.
“I feel like I make a difference in these girls’ lives and hopefully influence their career paths in the future,” Seplow said. “It is wonderful to see how enthusiastic they are during the experiments. There are many children in these communities who are eager to learn, but do not have adequate resources at their schools, and Harvard-Westlake students have a lot to offer.”