Lacrosse trounces Oak Park


Asher Early ’19 jogs into a timeout in a blowout of Oak Park. Credit: Lauren Nehorai/Chronicle

Asa Saperstein

The lacrosse team completely overpowered Oak Park by a score of 13-3 today at home.

The game was almost out of reach for Oak Park after the first quarter, as they faced a 5-0 deficit. The Wolverines were able to score three goals in the final two minutes of the first quarter. After that, Paul Rodriguez ’18 scored within the first minute of the second quarter.

The Wolverines scored most of its 13 in the first half. With a 9-0 score at the end of the second quarter, the Wolverines shut out Oak Park, whose closest shot was defended well by goaltender Alex Russel ’19. Oak Park had trouble getting off good shots. Most of the game took place with the Wolverines on offense, and Oak Park’s goaltender had trouble defending even long-range shots in goal, including one by Rodriguez from about 20 yards out.

The team almost took a double-digit lead going into halftime, but Rodriguez and Harrison Listen ’19 both barely missed on close shots.

The group will face off against Chaminade March 21 at home. They are now 4-2 on the season.