School drops temporary restraining order against Jonathan Martin ’08

Sophie Haber

The school dropped its temporary restraining order against Jonathan Martin ’08 that was put into effect after Martin allegedly posted a threatening photo on Instagram that caused the school to close in February, President Rick Commons said.

After reaching an agreement collaboratively with the former NFL player and his family that Commons said will provide even greater protections for the school community than a restraining order would, the school decided not to file for a permanent restraining order.

“I want to assure the student body, the parent body and faculty and staff that we feel safe with regard to this matter, and that our relationship with [Martin] and his family is positive,” Commons said.

Commons said he could not comment on the details of the agreement or whether or not the school will take further legal action against Martin.

A mental health facility released Martin on April 17, two months after he was detained by police the day of the threat, who found him with weapons in his car.

Martin received a judge’s permission to leave the facility after a clinical director said he supported his release, according to TMZ.
He was sent to the facility for treatment after being charged with four counts of criminal threats and one count of possessing a loaded firearm in February.

The terms of his release require that Martin wear a GPS and alcohol monitoring ankle bracelet and attend outpatient treatment five days a week, according to TMZ.