Community Council rewards students who have completed community service hours

Anusha Mathur

Community Council rewarded students who have completed their 12 hour community service requirement with free Dippin’ Dots Ice Cream April 25. Students had the choice of several flavors, including rainbow, cookies and cream, cotton candy and chocolate chip cookie dough.

Although students have until May 7 to submit their hours, the event served to remind those who have not fulfilled the requirement that the deadline is approaching.

Community Council member Taylor Redmond ’18 said she feels that giveaways like this reinforce the importance of community service and allow students to recognize that there is value in giving back to the community beyond simply fulfilling a requirement.

“The goal of the Dippin’ Dots give away is primarily to reward those who have done their hours and to incentivize those who have not done them to do them,” Redmond said. “Community service is so rewarding, and we are rewarding the people who have done it.”