Tennis players win doubles tournament for first time in 15 years

Lucas Gelfond

The doubles pairing of Timothy Li ’20 and Sacha Pritzker ’18 emerged victorious at the 2018 Ojai Valley Tennis Tournament Saturday. The victory marks the first time the Wolverines were able to capture the doubles title in 15 years.


“I’ve now been playing with [Li] for so long and for the most part we haven’t been tested, so it was a big test for how we would hold up in bigger matches against better doubles players,” Pritzker said. “It was a validation that we’re a very very good doubles team together.”


Pritzker said the match and win was not in his mind until the end because the tournament was long, three days and six matches.


The boys’ toughest matchup came in the quarterfinals of the tournament, where the two were taken to three sets, ultimately winning with scores of 6-7, 6-4, 6-2. Pritzker said that the pressure of the game gave him more mental energy and helped him focus in more on the match.


The pairing faced off a duo from University High School in the semi-finals, a team which the Wolverines lost to earlier in the season. The Wildcats proved no challenge for the two Wolverines, as they rolled passed them winning 6-1, 6-3.


Pritzker said he is looking toward the league tournament and CIF individuals that follow it. As a senior, Pritzker said he would miss tennis as a Wolverine.


“All of my development as a player has happened in the context of my high school years and my career at [school] so it’s kinda cool,” Pritzker said. “Everything I’ll go on hopefully to do in college I can attribute, at least a lot of it, to my high school time.”


*no reporters attended this event