Kwitny looks forward to pursuing new interests

Jeanine Kim

English teacher Jeffrey Kwitny has decided to retire after 17 years, and plans on using his new free time to write novels and pursue new interests.

Kwitny joined the community in 2001, after having taught English at La Salle High School for three years prior.

Before his time as a teacher, Kwitny was a filmmaker.

He wrote screenplays and directed movies, winning a Daytime Emmy for his work on the television show “Animaniacs.”

He also made a television movie called “Lightning in a Bottle,” which won the Gold Jury Prize at the Houston Film Festival and was screened in theaters.

During his time as a teacher, Kwitny taught grades from nine to 12, focusing mainly on two classes: English III and Advanced Placement Language and Composition classes.

Kwitny, alongside former English teacher Caroline Miller, created one of the six course options for senior year.

Kwitny also created a ritual called ‘Book Blessings.’

In this ritual, he and his students turn off the lights and speak to the class about the book they are reading, which is placed in the center of the classroom underneath a lighted candle.

Kwitny said that he would characterize his experience at the school as utopian, a community where he was supported by all of the people, from his colleagues to his students.