School working to repair underground pipe leak


Jenny Li

An underground water pipeline feeding to the entire campus has sprung a leak on the upper level of the parking lot near the security kiosk, Chief of Campus Operations Jim De Matte said.

Security guard Randy Cordobes, who first discovered the water leak through the asphalt at around 3:10 pm yesterday, said that the plumbing contractors estimated that the pipe has been leaking at about a gallon a minute.

The plumbing subcontractors worked for about five hours until around 9:45 pm last night to locate the pipe. During the process, the subcontractors turned off all the water on campus.

Upon locating the pipe, they turned the water back on to locate the leak and allow water access for bathrooms for the standardized testing held today at school, Cordobes said. The subcontractors covered the construction for safety purposes as the leak continues, Cordobes said.

“We are working hard to repair it,” De Matte said. “Everything will be fine for the first day of school. This pipe is over 50 years old, and things like this happen to pipes that old.”

*This story will be updated