Faculty showcases artwork in gallery


Chronicle Staff Writer Jaidev Pant ’21 observes the faculty artists’ artwork displayed in Feldman-Horn Gallery. The opening reception for the display took place March 4. Credit: Lucas Lee/Chronicle

Eugene Wyman

Faculty artists displayed their artwork, sculptures, photography and paintings at the Visual Arts Department Faculty Exhibit in Feldman-Horn gallery.

Jesse Chehak ’97, Claire Cochran ’06, Cheri Gaulke, Nicole Stahl, Gustavo Godoy and Alexandra Pacheco Garcia created the showcased art.

Stahl said that she created her art over the course of the last few years and chose pieces for the exhibit that she thought students and staff members could identify with.

“I’m new, and it’s a way for the students and staff to get to know me on a much more personal level,” Stahl said.

Visual arts student Sophia Nunez ’20 said that she enjoyed viewing her teachers’ work.

“I love seeing what teachers make outside of school,” Nunez said. “It is super interesting to see how their own personal work is reflected by how they teach and their assignments.”

Stahl said it was a new experience for her to have community members admire her work.

“It feels a little weird,” Stahl said. “It feels just a little different. I thought it more of like an example for students to see what’s possible with the medium.”

The opening reception for the display took place March 4, but the art is still on display.

“I love going into the gallery and just looking around, even though I have seen all of the pieces multiple times by now, because they all have such different voices and styles,” Nunez said.