Students showcase talents in last Coffeehouse of the year


A student performs in front of his peers at the last Coffeehouse of the year. Credit: Frank Jiang/ Chronicle

Frank Jiang

Students displayed their musical talents at the final Coffeehouse of the school year April 22. As an end-of-year treat, Prefect Council provided complimentary Chipotle bowls and tortilla chips in addition to their usual snacks.

To begin the event, The Jack Riley Experience, which has appeared regularly at Coffeehouses this year, performed “September” by Earth, Wind and Fire. Ford McDill ’21, who showcased his song “Cowboy,” and Alex Saffari ’20, who performed a freestyle DJ routine on his ThinkPad, both debuted their original compositions.

Duet and first time performers Sion Yoo ’20 and Criselda Mele ’20 sang “Sober” by Mahalia. Yoo said that although her performance wasn’t her best, she enjoyed spending more time with Mele and dedicating hard work to something they both enjoy.

“My hands got all sweaty and we were both nervous mainly because we weren’t really confident in our singing,” Yoo said. “But just the fact that we were both not confident in our singing [abilities], but then we both had the courage to do it together, just made us more courageous and willing to get out of our comfort zone and it was a good experience.”

Prefect Michael Lehrhoff ’20, who has performed at previous Coffeehouses and organized the events with other prefects, said that he appreciates how the showcase brings the community together.

“I’ve had the pleasure of running Coffeehouses with Prefect Caroline [Cook ’19], I’ve been a prefect for a while and a senator, so it means a lot to work with her on these last Coffeehouses and just to see all the seniors I’ve watched previously give their last performances, ” Lehrhoff said.