Elizabeth Bergman joins the history department

Siobhan Harms

Elizabeth Bergman joined the Upper School History Department to teach Advanced Placement United States History, United States History and the World and Europe II.

Bergman recently worked at Stuart Country Day School in New Jersey and has also taught American Studies at Princeton University. Bergman received a bachelor’s from Columbia University and a doctorate from Yale University.

Bergman said that she initially became interested in the school because of its reputation.

“[Harvard-Westlake] is one of, if not the best school,” Bergman said. “My family and I were also looking at Los Angeles, and it was an amazing opportunity.”

Bergman said the structure of the departments remind her of teaching at a college.

“It feels very much like being back at a university,” Bergman said. “It’s amazing to have a department of eleven colleagues, which was larger than my department at Princeton.”

Bergman said that she is enjoying the school’s sense of community.

“It has been really nice to have such exciting and enriching intellectual conversations,” Bergman said. “I am thrilled. It’s truly amazing [to be here].”