Reb Limerick joins visual arts department

Jason Morganbesser

Reb Limerick will join the Visual Arts department for the upcoming school year as a new teacher of Video Art I, Video Art II and Video Art III.

“I love to help students discover deep connections between themselves, their studies and the world at large,” Limerick said. “I see myself as a catalyst within the classroom, here to inspire artistic exploration, critical analysis and empathic allyship.”

In addition to teaching classes, Limerick will also help organize Westflix, the student film festival, which will be a red carpet event held at the Arclight Hollywood in March .

“I am feeling grateful to be part of this amazing community and to look out my classroom window each morning and see a canyon of trees,” Limerick said.

Before joining the school, Limerick obtained a master’s in interdisciplinary art and social practice from the University of Minneapolis. Afterward, they taught multiple classes at the university, including Art and Ethics, Intro to Contemporary Art and Theory and Intro to Experimental Media Arts.
Outside of work, Limerick spends time as a performer, having done interdisciplinary performance art for multiple years at many venues including the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles, an airplane hangar in Santa Monica in collaboration with Postcommodity, and queer performance strongholds across London.

Limerick said that, they were surprised by the school’s culture of trust and positivity and that they were excited about joining the community.