Conor Thompson joins visual arts department

Alexa Druyanoff

After substitute teaching photography at the school for two months last year, Conor Thompson will join the Visual Arts department full time to instruct Drawing and Painting classes.

Thompson started painting in high school when he was 14 years old. He earned his bachelor’s degree in painting from Rhode Island School of Design and his master’s degree in studio art from University of California, Irvine.

Thompson previously taught at several independent schools, including Crossroads School for Arts and Sciences. Although he mainly focuses his time on teaching fine arts, he said he also enjoys playing tennis, basketball and guitar.

Because he has recently spent time in his studio and focused on his own work, Thompson said he is excited to interact with students again. He also said he is looking forward to hearing students share their different ideas in the classroom and witnessing all their contributions.

“I have always believed that teaching as an artist, the work you do as a teacher really feeds the work that you do in your own studio and that they work in a reciprocal relationship and create a lot of great creative energy.” Thompson said.