Scarlett Strasberg ’20 receives fellowship to research Chinese film industry

Marissa Lee and Sophia Musante

Scarlett Strasberg ’20 traveled to Shanghai, China to research the development of China’s film industry after receiving the HWGo! Asia Initiative Fellowship.

Strasberg attended a filmmaking camp run by the Shanghai University Film Academy, where she interviewed members of the entertainment industry.

She also took a short trip to Hangzhou and watched several plays.
“Despite the language barrier, the power of the performance shined through, and I was captivated by the universal language of human emotion,” Strasberg said.

After living in a hostel with people from different parts of the world, Strasberg said she learned the meaning of being a global citizen.
She said she also gained confidence in her language skills and her ability to live independently.

“I made many new friends and learned so much from the people who were around me,” Strasberg said. “That part of the experience could never be replicated.”

The program allowed her to learn about the development of Chinese entertainment from traditional to modern film, she said.

“China is faced with the question of holding on to its roots while entering into the world after a long period of isolation,” Strasberg said. “This is seen in its arts as the great traditions of Chinese opera become less mainstream.”