Joyce Wagner joins language department

Marine Degryse

After six years of retirement, Joyce Wagner will be returning to the World Languages Department to teach a section of Latin II at the Upper School.

Since her retirement in 2013, she has spent her time consulting for Paramount Pictures, consulting for movies like Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension. While she spent most of her time working on different projects, Wagner also traveled to New England, where she relaxed, read many novels, and baked “decadent desserts”.

“I was retired for six years and spent most of that time with adults,” Wagner said by email.

Wagner received two degrees at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst and her master’s of education degree at Bridgewater State College for Latin and Classical Humanities. She also taught introductory Latin courses at the middle school for 23 years.

Wagner explains how excited and eager she is to start classes again because of how happy working around her students and fellow teachers makes her.

“Young people have always infused my life with joy,” she said, “I am so looking forward to being with the students again and I can’t wait for classes to begin.”