School to commence WLSA Pen Pal program with two foreign schools

Ethan Lachman

In an effort to foster a more understanding community, the school will partner with the World Leading Schools Association (WLSA), Westville Girl’s High School in the Republic of South Africa and Appleby College in Canada, to create a new global pen pal program. Approximately 15 students at the school have signed up to participate in the program, which is scheduled to begin at the end of October.

Jim Patterson’s Thoughts

Kutler Center and Summer Programs Director Jim Patterson said the pen pal program will allow students to create new bonds with a diverse group of people.

“The WLSA pen pal program gives Harvard-Westlake students the opportunity to get to know highly motivated students at other WLSA schools throughout the world,” Patterson said. “Such opportunities help Harvard-Westlake students appreciate the many cultures that make up our globalized world. I believe such cultural exchange continues to be an important aspect of high school.”

Westville’s Jenna Morgan’s Thoughts

Westville Girl’s School student and WLSA Communications Manager Jenna Morgan ’20 said she organized the exchange to help connect her schoolmates with students overseas.

“I was really excited to have our school participate in this program because it is such an amazing opportunity for us students to expand our knowledge of the world,” Morgan said.

Looking back on her experience with WLSA, Morgan said she gained a more wholesome perspective about the world.

“Just by being in [WLSA Student Council] and interacting with students from a number of different countries, I became more aware of the world I live in,” Morgan said.

Morgan also said that her interactions with students worldwide have helped her become more aware of issues happening around the globe.

“It is a priceless experience that has helped shape me as not just a student, but as an individual in the world,” Morgan said.

Several participants from the school expressed their excitement about the program.

Final Thoughts

“It was a great opportunity to meet new people and to learn about the world,” Ella Ganocy ’22 said. “I’m really looking forward to talking to new kids.”