GSA raises awareness through Rainbow Skate night

Marina Nascimento

The Roy G. Biv Social Committee had their first opportunity to attend Rainbow Skate Night, a social event designed to unify the LGBTQ+ community and allies.

The Moonlight Rollerway held Rainbow Night, which was dedicated to raising awareness for members of the LGBTQ+ community, allowing the attendees to interact with not only their fellow students but other participants from other schools and communities.

The Roy G. Biv committee aims to promote events on and off campus to build a safe and inclusive community for the LGBTQ+ students at school according to Gender and Sexuality Awareness club leader Alexandra Du Manoir ’21.

GSA Leader shares thoughts

Du Manoir said that students had an opportunity to express themselves freely in a non-judgmental environment.

“The rollerskating event was an incredible opportunity to bring the LGBTQ+ community and allies of Harvard-Westlake together,” Du Manoir said. “[The event helps to] begin the steps of assuring students that Harvard-Westlake is a place that supports LGBTQ+ students and a space where they can feel completely free to be themselves.”

Du Manoir said members of the committee and other students who took part in the event were able to talk and skate, helping the community strengthen and grow.

Future Thoughts

Du Manoir said she hopes to attend excursions like this one in the near future, both on and off-campus.

“We hope to continue to have events like these and make students and family aware that Harvard-Westlake is a place that fosters love and community above all,” Du Manoir said.