HWSAA expresses thanks for alumni

Crystal Baik

The Student Alumni Association (SAA) hosted its second annual Thankathon on Dec. 2.

The Thankathon is a way for students to connect with the larger school community and to express gratitude, SAA member Cory Porter ’22 said.

“The Student Alumni Association allows us to not only reach out and get in touch with [alumni], but to provide opportunities and experiences for students with the alumni,” Porter said.

Student’s participation in the event 

The SAA holds Thankathon a few times every year. SAA Chair Jane Sidon ’20 helped organized this event.

“[Thankathons] create a bond between alumni and students at the school so that the alumni can always [remain a part of] Harvard-Westlake,” Sidon said.

Lily Saada ’22 also took part in the Thankathon.

“It’s nice that we get to individually thank them to really show our appreciation,” Saada said.

SAA Co-Chair Kate Konvitz ’20 said that it is important to recognize the role alumni play in our school community.

“I really enjoyed going to Thankathon because the alumni play such a critical part in the [Harvard-Westlake] community and I feel like as students we forget that a lot of the time,” Konvitz said. “I always love thanking them for their work. I hope to do it again in the future because it’s a really fun group who attends and I love giving back.”

Jenna Kronenberg ’20 said she has attended numerous Thankathons since sophomore year.

“I really like writing the thank you notes and sharing about my life at Harvard-Westlake through my notes,” Kronenberg said. “As a member of HWSAA I interact with alumni at various events like the HW Alumni with young kids Halloween party and the reunion days. I enjoy participating at the events and will continue to attend Thankathons for the rest of the year.”

Chronicle Broadcast Producer Yoohan Ko ’20 said she thinks Thankathons are a great way to stay in contact with alumni.

“[Alumni] are huge supporters of our school and it’s only right that we thank them for their help. I love that HWSAA allows us to think about the benefits we gain from alumni as well as gives us an opportunity to give back to them.”