Debate team organizes debateLA Round Robin Challenge

Kyle Reims

The debate team hosted the annual Harvard-Westlake Debates tournament from Jan. 16 to 20. The event consisted of two separate parts, with the debateLA Round Robin Challenge beginning Jan. 16, and the larger competition commencing Jan. 18. Members of the school’s team were allowed to compete in both competitions but were not permitted to advance to elimination rounds in the latter tournament.

Debater Nathan Russell ’21, one of three students from the school to participate in the debateLA portion, advanced to the finals of that event.

“I was mainly just happy to be there and have the opportunity to get practice against other great debaters from around the country,” Russell said. “I was thrilled to do better than expected and make it to the final round, where I got to debate against a friend from Santa Monica High School.”

In addition to the coaches, upperclassmen on the team attended to help run the event.

“The best part of the tournament is the sense of community that the whole weekend brings,” debater Samantha McLoughlin ’21 said. “The whole team comes together to run the tournament, especially the coaches who are essential in dealing with the crazy weekend. The sense of community and hospitality really translates into the event.”