Prefects host miniature activities fair in Chalmers


Students sign up for the Linguistics Club, which is lead by Liana Wadhwani ’22, during activities period in Chalmers East. Credit: Quincey Dern/Chronicle

Quincey Dern

Prefect Council hosted an Activities Fair for new clubs to share their interests with students in Chalmers East on Monday.

New clubs implemented

The event featured the seven new clubs that will meet during second semester. The new clubs include Mountain Biking Club, Baking Club, and Songwriting Club.

“I like how everyone at school feels comfortable enough to start a club about what they are interested in and that other people in the community support them,” Sophia Lindus ’22, who attended the event, said.

Leader of Linguistics Club talks about language

Another new club is the Linguistics Club, which will focus on educating students about the science of language and its structure, club leader Liana Wadhwani ’22 said.

“Linguistics Club is basically a club about language and how humans process it,” Wadhwani said. “[We plan on] raising awareness about language and endangered languages. Most people don’t know about what linguistics is and I think that’s a start.”

Prefect Council arranged tables in Chalmers East where club leaders displayed poster boards and offered snacks to prospective members.

“I love being on [Prefect Council] Clubs Committee because you get to hear about different students’ interests and you get to help them pursue their interests and create a community in the school that promotes their interests,” Senior Prefect Clay Skaggs said. “Whether that be through club grants or providing them with meeting spaces, it’s a real joy.”