Commons responds to councilmember regarding River Park

Hannah Han

President Rick Commons updated the school community in an email regarding the River Park athletic facility’s development plan and pledged to enact the changes suggested by Los Angeles Second District Councilmember Paul Krekorian. In his letter, Krekorian requested that school administrators fulfill 18 additional conditions before beginning the construction of River Park.

Krekorian also said he appreciated the school’s compliance with his initial request that above-ground parking structures or housing be built on the property but that the school had to implement further changes before the proposal could be approved.

“With the plans presented this summer to the community, this project appears to be a significant step in the right direction, especially compared to all of the previous proposals,” Krekorian said in the letter. “The importance of this site in Studio City is so great, however, that being better than the previous proposals is not good enough.”

Councilmember gives suggestions to school

Krekorian’s letter divided the requests into three lists asking that the school administration work further to minimize traffic and noise pollution, increase public benefits and protect the environment.

In a letter to the school community, Commons said the school has taken Krekorian’s suggestions into account and is currently working with Studio City leaders and members of the project design team to revise the draft plan.

“The Councilmember recently wrote a letter that was complimentary of the school’s comprehensive outreach efforts and outlined changes he would like to see the school make to the draft plan,” Commons said in the letter. “In the coming months, the school anticipates filing official plans with the city that will reflect the feedback we have received.”

Commons speaks to community members

Commons said the school also collaborated with community members, requesting their opinions on the draft plan. Studio City residents praised features such as the public recreational facilities and the stormwater reclamation system in particular, Commons said.

“During these meetings [with members of the community], our approach has been one of open and honest conversation highlighted by a collaborative spirit,” Commons said in the letter. “We have enjoyed getting to know our neighbors and are gratified by the enthusiasm that stakeholders have expressed for the River Park project.”