Bergman plans to leave to teach at Geffen Academy at UCLA

Sarah Mittleman

History teacher Elizabeth Bergman will depart from the Upper School to continue her career at Geffen Academy at the UCLA next year.

Bergman joined the history department this past fall, and taught Advanced Placement United States History, United States History and The World and Europe II. She holds a bachelor’s degree from Columbia University and a doctorate from Yale University and served as a professor for more than 10 years combined at Princeton University, Baruch College and the University of Texas at Austin. Just prior to beginning at the school, Bergman taught at Stuart County Day School in New Jersey.

Bergman reflects on her memorable experience at the school

Although Bergman has only taught at the school for one year, she said the memories she made will remain close to her heart. She said she will miss the students and colleagues who made her smile, the community’s practices and especially the running jokes she shared with her classes.

“In each of my classes, at least once a week, we had a good laugh,” Bergman said. “Cows going home, llamas and sibling rivalries are all inside jokes now.”

Bergman also recalled how her coworkers and her students helped her feel at home in the new environment.

“I met some wonderful colleagues who quickly became good friends,” Bergman said. “The tradition of [the students] saying ‘thank you’ in each class is lovely.”

Students appreciate learning from Bergman 

World and Europe II student Laurel Elliott ’22 said that Bergman’s teaching style and personality encouraged her to reach new heights within the classroom.

“Her ways of teaching have motivated me so much more to work hard and study for her class,” Elliott said. “Being one of the two girls in our class of around 20 people, [Bergman] has made me feel so much more comfortable. I will always miss her cheesy jokes, her laugh and her enlightening teaching.”

AP U.S. History student Mia Hutchinson ’21 said Bergman made one of the biggest impacts on her learning.

“She taught us beyond just the textbook but significant stories and lessons many Americans don’t know were part of their history, and that I’ll never forget,” Hutchinson said.