Actress Beanie Feldstein advocates for women


BEHIND THE SCENES: Actress Beanie Feldstein ’11 shares her experience as a woman in the entertainment industry with upper school students through Zoom on May 6. EMPOWER leaders Dahlia Low ’20 and Lilah Weisman ’20 hosted the discussion as a part of the school’s Multicultural Week.

Melody Tang

In place of La Femme’s annual EMPOWER conference, actress Beanie Feldstein ’11, who starred in the critically acclaimed movies “Lady Bird” and “Booksmart,” spoke with students about her identity as a woman and her experience in the entertainment industry through an online video call.

To kick off the event, EMPOWER leaders Dahlia Low ’20 and Lilah Weisman ’20 asked Feldstein a series of prepared questions before hosting a Q&A session. Feldstein said that though she has seen more female directors enter the entertainment business throughout her career, the industry is still far from achieving gender parity. Feldstein continued by discussing her experience performing in “Hello, Dolly!” on Broadway as well as her time working with actor Bette Midler. Feldstein said that Midler remains one of the most influential and hardworking people she has worked with thus far.Feldstein also spoke about the difficulties she has faced while balancing both her work as an actress and her responsibilities as a college student at Wesleyan University.

“I was really in the middle of the push and pull between [auditioning and schoolwork],” Feldstein said. “My advice would be to honor the moment that you’re in, and do what feels right in the moment.”

During the Q&A session, Amanda Korris ’22 asked Feldstein about a piece of advice that she would give to her high school self.

“You have to cut yourself some slack,” Feldstein said. “I would say to myself to be kinder to myself.” Korris said that she enjoyed learning more about Feldstein and her work to promote women in the acting industry. “I really enjoyed how much Beanie emphasized not only kindness to others but self-love,” Korris said. “I thought it was really interesting to hear her insight on making projects with female directors and her take on trying to be a part of projects that empower young women within the last few years.”