Performing Arts Department hosts Playwrights Festival meeting

Lucas Cohen-D'Arbeloff

Performing Arts Department faculty hosted an information session Sept. 9 for the Playwrights Festival, an annual opportunity for students to write and perform in plays. In the session, they described the program’s timeline for prospective authors who will now begin the writing process at home.

Martin expects plays to be performed live

Performing Arts Technical Director and teacher Aaron Martin informed students that they would write plays intended for live performance, rather than for Zoom, with the hope that theatre can eventually occur in person.

“I want us all to approach this as if we’re going to do a staged version of your show,” Martin said. “We just decided that to say that this is going to be over a virtual-only format, which it may be, would possibly rob you of the experience that we’ve given each student throughout this process before.”

Martin said that while faculty considered setting a theme or prompt for this year’s festival, they ultimately decided to leave it open-ended and stick with the usual 10-minute play format. After announcing the mentors for this year’s playwrights, many of whom are industry professionals like Assistant Bookstore Manager Allie Costa and Ed Napier, Martin said he hopes to not require a selection committee in this festival and to produce as many plays as possible.

Attendee Izzy Welsh ’22 said she is thrilled to join the production despite having to write her play remotely.

“I’m really excited about the playwrights festival,” Welsh said. “Even though there is uncertainty as to whether the festival will be virtual or in person, I can’t wait to start working with my mentor and write my play.”