Seven students win awards at TritonMUN

Lily Lee

Seven Model United Nations students won awards at the virtual UC San Diego TritonMUN Fall conference on Nov. 7.

At the conference, students discuss global issues on topics such as climate displacement, refugees and space colonization. According to first-time conference attendee and Honorable award winner Stephen Purdum ’22, students must collaborate and foster effective solutions to a given problem.

Commendation award winner Cory Porter ’22 said that she loves the community of people that she has met through the MUN program.

“I really enjoy the whole process of researching and learning about all of these different topics that you debate during conferences, but it’s even better to do that with friends,” Porter said.

The committees and students were judged in many different categories, but according to Porter it is mainly based on how you speak and demonstrate leadership skills with the group of delegates.

“I enjoy the learning aspects of MUN, researching issues and getting to understand more about other countries, but what I really love is having to work with others,” Purdum said. “[The conference] was a ton of fun.”

Management Team member Celine Park ’21, Jason Morganbesser ’22, Porter Comstock ’22 , Stephen Purdum ’22, Cory Porter ’22, CC Mesa ’22 and Sofia Llevat ’22 won awards, including “Best,” “Outstanding,” “Honorable” and “Commendation” at this year’s daylong conference.