College Board to enforce SAT security procedures starting Oct. 6

By Claire Goldsmith

The College Board implemented new security procedures that require students taking the SAT to complete a four-step identification check before they can be admitted to the test. The new protocol will be enforced starting at the Oct. 6 SAT next Saturday.

When registering for the SAT online, students must upload a photo for their admission ticket that complies with the College Board’s requirements. At the test center, students must present their printed admission ticket and an official photo ID. Both forms of identification must match the information in the test center’s roster and the appearance of the student.

“Even if you are a Harvard-Westlake student and your dean is right there at the registration table, College Board will not allow us to admit you to the test without the four-way ID verification,” the Upper School deans said in an email to students about new testing procedures.

In addition to the new identification system, there are no longer standby or walk-in options for taking the SAT. On the day of the test, students cannot change their test center, their test date, or switch from the SAT reasoning test to the SAT II subject test.

The College Board announced the new protocols in March after a SAT cheating ring was discovered in Long Island last September.