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Nia Kilgore: Upper School Dean

Kyra Hudson August 31, 2017

Nia Kilgore landed the position of Upper School Dean after years of experience as a college counselor at various independent schools in the Los Angeles area. Kilgore worked as the Interim Director of College...

Cairns to retire after 32 years

Noa Schwartz March 10, 2017

Upper School Dean Vanna Cairns announced her retirement to her students today via email. Cairns has worked at the school for 32 years, serving initially as a French teacher and eventually as both a...

Dean Maude Bond. Credit: Pavan Tauh/Chronicle

Maude Bond: Dean

August 31, 2016

Maude Bond replaced Rose-Ellen Racanelli as an upper school dean, bringing ten years of experience from both a high school counseling and a college admissions perspective. Previously, Bond was the associate...

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Racanelli to retire after 13 years of student counseling

Maddy Daum April 27, 2016

Upper School Dean Rose-Ellen Racanelli will retire this upcoming summer after 13 years of leading and guiding her students. “I think deep down in my heart, I will miss the kids the most,” Racanelli...

Mastin to become principal of Laurence School

Nick Settelmayer May 27, 2015

Assistant Head of Middle School Paul Mastin is leaving at the end of the year to become the principal at the Laurence School in Valley Glen. After 23 years at Harvard-Westlake, Mastin has decided that...

Faculty, staff re-elect Schuhl to 2nd term

Angela Chon April 29, 2015

Science teacher Dietrich Schuhl will begin a second term as Dean of Faculty and Staff next year. Schuhl was first elected by upper school faculty and staff in 2013 for the two-year term and was re-elected...

Carroll to become 7th grade dean

Claudia Wong March 18, 2015

Although he will miss the competition and measureable progress of being a swim coach, Carroll said he is excited about becoming a dean next year. "I’m really looking forward to the opportunity to take...

Adegbile to direct counseling at Cate School

Kelly Riopelle January 14, 2015

Upper School Dean Tamar Adegbile will not return to school next year, she announced Jan. 7 in emails to students and parents. Adegbile will become the Director of College Counseling at the Cate School...

Adegbile to direct college counseling at Cate School

Kelly Riopelle January 7, 2015

Upper school dean Tamar Adegbile will not return to school next year, she announced Wednesday in an email to students and parents. Adegbile will become the Director of College Counseling at the Cate School...

Howard to become new dean

Lauren Sonnenberg April 30, 2014

English teacher Adam Howard ’93 will join the dean team next year, replacing Jim Patterson, Head of School Jeanne Huybrechts announced in an email to faculty and staff Monday morning. Next year, Howard...

Patterson to serve as new Director of External Learning

Enya Huang April 30, 2014

Dean Jim Patterson will assume the new position of Director of External Learning next year. The job entails “leading and overseeing all the portions of the Harvard-Westlake program that are outside of...

College Board to enforce SAT security procedures starting Oct. 6

September 27, 2012

By Claire Goldsmith The College Board implemented new security procedures that require students taking the SAT to complete a four-step identification check before they can be admitted to the test. The...

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