Community Council plans for thrift shop drive

Fallon Dern

Community Council’s Inaugural HW Thrift Shop Drive is just around the corner. The club announced that they will be collecting clothing over Presidents Day Weekend during Prefect Council’s on-campus activities in an email sent Feb.6.

“While you’re having fun, Community Council members will also be there collecting any clothes that you want to donate,” the email said. “Then, at a later date, we will be putting all of the donations up for sale to the student body!”

Students will be able to virtually purchase their classmate’s items and then pick them up from the upper school or a Community Council member’s home. All proceeds will be split between various local charities. 

“All you need to do is pick out the clothes that you want to donate, and make sure they’re clean before dropping them off,” the email said.

The event has been adjusting to meet COVID-19 guidelines.

Community Council has stated that pickups and donations will be contactless to adhere to COVID-19 guidelines. Throughout the pandemic, the club has worked to develop safe alternatives to close-contact community service.

“We are living in an unprecedented time when volunteering has never been more important than before,” their mission statement wrote. “The HW Community Council strives to minimize strife within our community as much as we possibly can. This website is an online hub containing information on various organizations, community-service clubs, and in-person/at-home activities—the opportunity to help your community be a better place than it was yesterday is right at your fingertips.”

Community Council leader Brandon Liang ’21 says that this is a new way to connect with the community that the team hasn’t explored, but that they are very eager to see its outcome.

“We’re pretty excited for this thrift shop style clothing drive,” Liang said. “It’s something that Community Council hasn’t really done before. It’s sort of like an experiment, but, of course, it’s for a good cause. This event is supposed to be just a lighthearted way for students to donate and give back to their community, both within the school and without, and we’re very excited to see how this is going to turn out!