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Football hosts contest with New York school

Marine Degryse June 3, 2020

The football program competed in a virtual sports competition against Poly Prep Country Day School, located in New York, on April 24 in what is being called “the 400.” The competition consists of...

Expens-ercise: Are pricey workouts worth it?

Expens-ercise: Are pricey workouts worth it?

Jean Sanders September 1, 2015

As Sophia Van Iderstine ’17 gets ready for her late morning exercise class on a Saturday, she laces up her sneakers, grabs a bottle of Smart Water and heads for the door holding one more item in her...

Professional playwright holds workshop for writers

October 9, 2011

By Chloe Lister Professional playwright John Walch, nephew of Performing Arts teacher Ted Walch, had students stare at a pen and call out words beginning with each letter of the alphabet in order in a...

Schedule will shortchange school

May 28, 2008

Head of School Jeanne Huybrechts said that school will start and end one week earlier. Is the new schedule cleaner? Probably: it frontloads the schedule so that we have more teaching days for AP classes...

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