Football hosts contest with New York school

Marine Degryse

The football program competed in a virtual sports competition against Poly Prep Country Day School, located in New York, on April 24 in what is being called “the 400.”

The competition consists of 100 pushups, squats, sit-ups, crunches and lunges. The goal of the exercises is to finish them as fast as possible to advance to the next round, nicknamed the “Final Four.”

Blue Devils Athletic Director  and former Harvard-Westlake water polo coach Rich Corso challenged the Wolverine football program in hopes of engaging in new activities during quarantine. Football Program Head Aaron Huerta took on the challenge to motivate his team and to work hard to improve together.

“We hope to keep doing these types of challenges with other teams,” Huerta said. “I think it is good for the kids to compete and challenge themselves.”

Ten players from each team joined a Zoom call and participated in the competition, with the two fastest times from each team advancing to the next matchup. Tight end Miles Cardillo ’22 and running back Josh Dixon ’23  both advanced to the final with times of 6:19 and 6:16, respectively.

On May 6, the finals of the competition took place, with Cardillo and Dixon facing two players from the Blue Devils. Dixon finished second with a time of 6:05, while Cardillo finished fourth by one second at 6:08.

Although Huerta plans to make adjustments to the competition in the future, he said that the event is hopefully the first of many future events with other high schools.

“We think it is a great opportunity for our guys to compete and keep them motivated during these tough times,” Huerta said.