New advancement administrator joins staff

Following former Senior Advancement Administrator Brenda Janowitz’s retirement, Advancement Administrator Amber Kasongo joined the advancement team. Janowitz’s departure caused a shift in the advancement department: former Advancement Administrator Marla Scholm took over as Senior Advancement Administrator and Kasongo joined the team to fill Schlom’s position. As part of the Advancement Office, Kasongo will be responsible […]

Judgment day: committee to evaluate strengths and weaknesses of school, offer advice for improvement

The California Association of Independent Schools will evaluate both campuses Jan. 28-31 to accredit the school and compose a report that offers suggestions on areas of improvement. The school becomes re-accredited every six to seven years, which helps them set goals that stay true to its mission and philosophy, according to the CAIS website. Coordinator […]

Student collects clothes for victims of Thomas Fire

Student collects clothes for victims of Thomas Fire

To bring relief to victims of the Thomas Fire, which Cal Fire declared the  fifth largest wildfire in California history, Kyle Hearlihy ’19 and his mother Melissa Hearlihy, who is the girls basketball coach, collected enough clothes to fill a suburban and flatbed truck in Hamilton Gym on Sunday. Melissa Hearlihy decided to collect clothes […]

Students come together on Facebook to support fire victims

In the wake of four wildfires in the Los Angeles area that caused students to evacuate their homes and the school to cancel classes, almost 300 students took to Facebook to show their support for those affected. Prefect Michael Lehrhoff ’20 created the HW Fire Relief Page, which is sponsored by Prefect Council, as a […]

Former student to stay at GOP despite controversy

The Broward County GOP Secretary and former student who attacked a classmate after school 10 years ago will keep his post with the Florida Republican Party with one year of probation, the LA Times reported. After uncovering Rupert Tarsey’s violent past, party members called on him to resign, and Broward County GOP Chairman Bob Sutton […]

Transforming the Policy: Students and faculty reflect on the experiences of transgender people on campus

Transforming the Policy: Students and faculty reflect on the experiences of transgender people on campus

Uriah Celaya ’18, who identifies as transgender, remembered when his French teacher Simona Ghirlanda asked to talk to him after class. Nervous to speak with her, Celaya tried to recall what he could have done wrong. “I’ll protect you like a mother lion protecting her cub if anyone tries to mess with you,” Ghirlanda said, […]