Connecting in new ways

Connecting in new ways

Every year we hear that journalism is a dying profession. Even though our traditional 32-page print paper has set the standard for high school journalists across the country, the time has come to accept that much of our readership would rather receive news through other media . Last year, the Chronicle staff breathed life into […]

What we learned during March of the Living

If you didn’t notice, during the two weeks after spring break, 24 seniors were absent from school. We were part of that group, the group that embarked on the two-week journey to Poland and Israel called March of the Living. We Harvard-Westlake kids were in the minority of the Los Angeles delegation, which had over […]

Please lay off the college questions

A few days ago I walked into the bookstore to buy “Flatland” for my unweighted Philosophy in Art and Science class. The novel is about a square named A Square, who lives in a two-dimensional world in which everyone appears to be either a line or a point, with only shadowing to imply a person’s […]

Assessing the validity of student work

We all want to win. Whether we work toward making a touchdown, getting a solid test grade or winning a film award, all of us want to come out on top. But should we sacrifice our integrity for merely a title or trophy — or for that matter, the ability to call our work our […]

Don't let labels limit your personal growth

Pandas irritate me. It’s not the animals themselves, or even the abundance of Internet GIFs they occupy. It’s the species’ close, tangled connection to Asian stereotypes that irritates me. Pandas originate in Asia, yes, but I don’t understand how they say so much about Asian-Americans or their character that practically every Asian-American teenager has been […]

Accepting others in the wake of tragedy

I scrolled past a photo that my Parisian friend had posted earlier that day of a man who seemed to be dead with spectators standing around him. As I scrolled further down, I saw posts from my other French friends that all said, “Je suis Charlie.” Now I was confused. Were the French starting some […]

The pressures of being a college-bound senior

Do you know where you want to go?” Every high school senior knows that this question means one thing and one thing only. We’ve heard it more times than you can imagine. It’s common dinner party etiquette from those random friends of your parents whose first names you can never quite remember. Your own parents […]

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