Promote and preserve

Scott Nussbaum

When the administration recently rewrote the mission statement to make it more accessible for the student body, they recognized that while content always comes first, the manner in which it is communicated can be just as important. If nobody reads something, what’s the point of having written it? The Chronicle faces a similar challenge of how to continue to produce high-quality content that is easily accessible by all.

From the awards that cover the walls of Weiler Hall and the experience of our two advisors, we know the newspaper itself is stellar. The website is impressive too, and our coverage of breaking news timely and in-depth. Yet the question remains of how to ensure that such fine, relevant material is read by the community.

As with all other media sources, our mission is further complicated by the array of competing platforms that have grown to become necessary in the daily life. Gone are the days when a newspaper- something actually printed on dead trees- was the sole source of information and each house on the block had a newspaper delivered each day. Now everyone consumes news from at least half a dozen sources, and The Chronicle needs to keep up.

To this end, we’ve launched accounts on a variety of platforms. Follow @hw­­_chronicle on Instagram, hw_chronicle on Snapchat, and on Tumblr for an assortment of news and eye-catching visuals. We are working to increase our presence on Facebook, with more interactive features to encourage reader engagement and interest in the school news. We will also continue our frequent postings on The Chronicle website, Twitter updates and live-streaming of events.

Furthermore, the dedication and passion of each staff member improves the face of the Chronicle.

As the school community’s primary news source, we have always tried to address the needs of the community. Rather than dumb-down our current content for entertainment value, we seek to provide the same quality product, plus more visually pleasing design. Whether it be on-campus news events or the effects of international issues on the school community, the Chronicle will continue to provide the same reliable and thought-provoking coverage.

Here is to new methods of connection and old standards of reporting,
Zoe Dutton ’14 and Scott Nussbaum ’14, Editors-in-chief