Students learn about the universe in Space Exploration Club

The Space Exploration Club, organized by Ethan Rose ’22, plans to focus on a variety of space disciplines in a time when SpaceX has risen to fame and American space missions have become more frequent. . The club expects there to be human colonization of Mars in the near future and wants to educate club members about […]

Movie club unites cinema enthusiasts

Run by Aiden Schiller ’22 and Hannah Yanover ’22, the HW Movie Club plans to spend its time watching a variety of movies from an assortment of genres. The two leaders hope to unite cinema lovers throughout the school, watching a new film each week. The club will view movies from different eras and time periods in […]

Club members mentor underprivileged students in Leaders United for Change

Members of Leaders United for Change, led by Lyon Chung ’21, mentor underprivileged students to overcome financial and racial inequalities they may face. Mentors teach various subjects, such as mathematics, writing and science, in addition to assisting with standardized test preparation. As a branch of a larger organization, the Leaders United for Change club at the […]

Students discuss politics in new club

The Political Discussion Club serves as a space for students to discuss current and recent events on Friday afternoons. Co-Leader Josie Jun ’21 said that several topics they covered in the club included the death of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the first Presidential Debate and President Donald Trump’s COVID-19 diagnosis over group Zoom […]

Prefect Council hosts Activities Fair online

Prefect Council hosts Activities Fair online

Prefect Council hosted the Activities Fair completely online this year, showcasing all of the student-hosted clubs and offering sign-ups in the week of Sep. 14 to 18. In past years, the Activities Fair took place on the Quad with tables and signs describing the wide variety of clubs that students could choose to join. Since […]

Students game together in Party Games Club

The Party Games Club meets every other Friday night and engages in online multiplayer games, presenting an opportunity to unwind with fellow students. The club played Among Us, a space-themed teamwork video game, during their first meeting. Co-Leaders Aaron Cho ’22 and Navid Ghodsi ’21 said the Zoom-meeting format works well for their club and […]

Surf Club reunites student surfers

Run by Nik Grube ’21, Ely Dickson ’22 and Dylan Giovine ’22, HW Surf Club is focused on and will be discussing all things surf-related . Meetings will be held each week to watch surfing movies and play surfing games. The club is set to organize monthly weekend surf trips, which are open to surfers of all […]

New programmers join App Development Club

The App Development Club meets in a classroom format, as leader Matteo Dall’Olmo ’22 shares his computer screen and helps other students understand the basics of programming. Members have the opportunity to create their own applications that can eventually appear on mainstream app marketplaces. Dall’Olmo said the first few meetings have been successful in helping […]

Science Olympiad Club prepares for tournaments

Members of the Science Olympiad club, run by Helena Wu ’23 and Olivia Wang ’23, prepare for the invitational, regional, state and national Science Olympiad competitions in their weekly meetings on Fridays. Science Olympiad has 23 events, and partners of two or three can choose which of the events they compete in. In club meetings, […]

Students explore interests at Activities Fair

Students explore interests at Activities Fair

The Prefect Council hosted the annual Activities Fair Monday, where eighty clubs and organizations set up bright posters and tables on the quad to display their interests to fellow students. The Fair represented a variety of clubs, including the Bonsai and Nature Club, Westflix and Math Bowl. “At first I was really nervous about manning […]

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