More schools send ‘likely’ letters for academics

A sizeable number of colleges and universities sent out “likely” or acceptance letters for academics rather than athletics more than a month before April 1, the expected date by which almost all colleges notify Regular Decision applicants of their decisions. Though this isn’t the first year this has happened, more colleges than ever sent out […]

College Board sends scores late, almost misses deadline

The College Board was delayed in sending many seniors’ SAT, SAT Subject Test, and AP exam scores to colleges by Nov. 1, the early application deadline of most colleges, causing extra stress during the college application process. The situation resolved itself as almost all colleges extended their deadlines since the delay was not the students’ […]

English teacher voices character in alum's game

English teacher Adam Howard ’93 is voice acting for his old student, Sam Farmer ’08, on Farmer’s video game, Last Life. Farmer put the game on Kickstarter April 9 to raise funds to finish development. “It’s a bit of a different style from most games,” Farmer said. Farmer plans to make at least two other episodes […]

Directors leave after 'artistic differences'

By Ali Pechman It was happening, then it was cancelled, then it was on again.  After a shaky start, the HWS Rembiko project had another chair pulled out from under it this summer in the middle of the rehearsal period. Well, two chairs. Two directors helming three shows for the HWS Rembiko Project this summer […]