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Illustration by Vivian Lin/Chronicle

High Stakes: The First Reveal

Sharon Chow January 28, 2016

The All-Around: When Virginia* ’16 was deferred from Princeton, she was really disappointed since it was her dream school. However, she used this deferral as a motivation to regain her focus in school...

The Big Reveal

Sacha Lin April 29, 2015

The All-Around: Bryce Terman ’15, Tufts University Bryce Terman ’15 heard back from a few colleges before being accepted into Tufts University, where he applied Early Decision II. Terman said that...

High Stakes: Choosing early schools

Sydney Foreman September 25, 2013

Melvin*, The Brain The college process has not changed much for Melvin since August but he is now certain he will apply Early Action to the University of Michigan. He is also sure he will apply to the...

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