Balancing beliefs

As the political climate in our country continues to spiral towards what seems like a never-ending abyss of a two-party controversy, students have naturally become more active in voicing their opinions on popular issues. Witnessing such participation among my peers makes me proud to be a part of this generation. However, as we become more involved […]

Integrity: meet us in the middle

The school website states that “Harvard-Westlake’s academic community is defined by our Honor Code.” Every student on campus has signed their name affirming their commitment to uphold the code. In it, we promise to not cheat, not steal and not harm others, and we also promise to be honest with ourselves and our administration. We […]

Work before play: how do athletes find balance?

Work before play: how do athletes find balance?

There’s a common saying that in high school: students have to choose between good grades, good social life or good sleep. For many students athletes at Harvard-Westlake, they have to shoulder the burden of working towards being good at their respective sports as well. Still, Wolverine athletes aren’t the type to limit themselves. Instead of […]