Zooming to University

Zooming to University

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, many colleges have been making significant changes to the admissions process. So far, the change in policy to optional standardized testing has sparked controversy. The cancellation of overseas summer activities for students has caused many students to panic. Activities such as sports tournaments, volunteering trips and fellowships, have been […]

Our fifth quarter culture

There are 36 days until summer, according to one of my classmates. Though he has announced the latest count after each eighth period math class since October, the end of the school year is now almost tangible. However, before reaching the much-anticipated vacation, students must endure arguably the busiest period of the entire year. With […]

High Stakes: The deadline wildcard

High Stakes: The deadline wildcard

The infamous Nov. 1 deadline has come and gone for Early Decision and Early Action college applicants. For most students, juggling their applications with the workload of senior year was a struggle, and for many, hitting “submit” was a relief. They will now wait until December to receive early application decisions and potentially start working […]

High Stakes: The first roll of the dice

High Stakes: The first roll of the dice

With the year’s first issue of The Chronicle comes the first installment of High Stakes: a year-long profile of four anonymous seniors through their respective college processes leading up to an identity and college reveal in our May issue. While High Stakes has traditionally followed students hidden behind the identities of “The Brain,” “The Athlete,” […]

Deans warn about drawbacks of overshooting early application process

Upper school deans Beth Slattery and Kyle Graham gave a presentation to seniors and their parents entitled “The Opportunity Cost of Aiming Too High in the Early Application Process” at Senior College Night Sept. 15. The talk was one of nine special interest sessions available at the event, and it addressed the possible cons of […]

Extended break provides chance for college visits, brief vacation

Students plan to visit colleges, work on college applications and relax during this week’s changed mid-semester break. Seniors will have Wednesday off while juniors and sophomores take the PSAT. The whole Upper School has Thursday and Friday off. Middle school students have spent the week on retreat. “We feel it is almost the only thing […]

Chapter 9

By Catherine Wang Jacqueline Sir Zoe* the Artist Intended Major: Film and Television Regrets? I honestly don’t. I’m glad everything turned out the way it did. Advice for artists: Don’t start last minute – especially if you’re doing an art portfolio. Because you have an application and an extra task. People told me to get […]

Appreciate it now

By Anabel Pasarow At the start of every school year we tell ourselves to get the Community Service requirement out of the way early on or to join the Social Committee because we secretly want to but have never allowed ourselves the time. Somehow, more pressing things always seem to preoccupy us and we are […]

Enjoying the unexpected

By Mary Rose Fissinger Millions of songs have been written about the joyous days of summer. Come the start of June, commercials, stores, or perhaps even your own iPods constantly blare the occasionally sub-par instrumentals but entirely fitting vocals of songs like Alice Cooper’s “School’s Out” and Nat King Cole’s “Those Lazy Hazy Crazy Days […]

12 grade: Roller coaster

This was it. Senior year was what we had been waiting for, when everything was supposed to come together. The first stretch was an uphill battle: grades still mattered, college applications were stacking up in front of us and all of a sudden we felt the crushing prospect of figuring out the next step in […]