Facebook Official: Posting College Decisions on Social Media

Facebook Official: Posting College Decisions on Social Media

Dani Mirell ’17 opened the portal to the University of Michigan website hesitantly. She knew she loved the school, but she told herself she would be okay if she didn’t get in. Marlborough student Lily Goldsmith ’17 opened her email inbox and searched for the email from the University of Pennsylvania. She anxiously clicked the […]

James Hansen ’16: the Facebook movie critic

James Hansen ’16: the Facebook movie critic

In a restaurant bathroom across the street from the AMC in Lincoln Square, where he had just seen “Divergent,” James Hansen ’16 wrote his first movie review. It was a short paragraph. He commented on the lead actors, briefly mentioned the visuals, praised the story and criticized the writing. At the end he put down […]

Facebook Facade

Last year, University of Michigan freshman Jonathan Felker ’14 changed his Facebook name to “nutsackface.’’ It was part of a tradition where seniors change their Facebook names to a pun or a joke so colleges can’t find their postings. For Felker, the tradition backfired. “My dean was emailed by a college, alerting him about my […]

The benefits of Facebook

Living without it has never really been a problem for me. I understand that a majority of others have it and that’s something I have accepted. Life without a Facebook account has its downfalls, but I have learned to live without this seemingly vital social tool. I have never been in a Poke war or […]

Prefect Council sells Valentine grams

Prefect Council began selling Valentines grams Tuesday. The grams sold will be delivered directly to students’ lockers on Valentine’s Day. Each gram comes with a lollipop and costs $1 each. Students must pay in cash. Prefect Council made the announcement through email on Monday, and released an advertisement video that was included in the email […]

Head Fanatics announced for next year

Bakari Bolden ’14, Jonathan Felker ’14, Jordan Gutierrez ’14, Connor Kalantari ’14 and Michael Sheng ’14 will serve as the Head Fanatics for the 2013-2014 school year, previous Head Correy King ‘13 announced via the Fanatics’ Facebook page Tuesday. King described the new select group as the “craziest” fanatics that he has seen after noticing […]

Hold the phone

It is halfway through the period when Rosie* slides her black iPhone out of her  Jansport backback. She turns the volume off and lowers the brightness so the light from the screen doesn’t illuminate her face. After glancing up at her teacher she quickly reads and replies to a text before discretely slipping the phone […]

Don’t mistake Facebook for action

By Michael Rothberg Every now and then, someone posts a link on Facebook to a charity or cause like stopping genocide in a foreign country or shutting down puppy mills. Usually, the links are asking for money or just “raising awareness.” However, no matter how noble the cause, there is something unsettling about seeing these […]

Advancement Office stops requesting contributions from alumni in college

By Saj Sri-Kumar The school will no longer solicit donations from alumni in college, President Thomas C. Hudnut announced to the senior class on March 6. Chief Advancement Officer Ed Hu said the decision was made because college students usually are not making money, and it was inappropriate to ask for donations when people were […]