Girls’ track places 10th at Nike track nationals

By Julius Pak Ranked second in California and fourth in the nation, the girls’ track and field team placed 10th at the inaugural Nike Track Nationals on Saturday, July 3 at the University of Oregon’s Hayward Field. Qualifying for the Nike Track Nationals was different than most meets, as the teams themselves rather than individuals, […]

Protection crosses gender borders

By Allegra Tepper Marcia,* 17, isn’t sexually active and doesn’t plan to be for a while.  She’s seen her friends come in to school, bandaged after receiving a Gardasil shot, which has gained notoriety as one of the more painful in the cabinet. “I see no reason to put myself through that kind of pain […]

Dress to distress

By Annie Dreyer  Though it occurred some years ago, history teacher Nini Halkett still remembers sitting in the lower part of the lunch area and glancing towards the top half when she saw a girl wearing a particularly short skirt. The student scratched her “hip” and her skirt hitched up enough that “I could see […]