Introducing the rising seniors

By Elana Zeltser Courtney*, the athlete When Courtney first began playing her sport in the fourth grade, she did not realize that it would become a year–round commitment for her. However, when she joined both club and Harvard-Westlake teams, practice became the main focus of her time and energy. “I decided it was something I […]

Cafeteria hours lead to non-stop grazing

By Catherine Wang While running between first period English and second period Physics, Allison Merz ’10 conveniently passes the cafeteria. Every morning she dashes in, grabs a muffin and a chocolate milk, and bolts to class. After Physics, she normally buys another snack to eat during third period while doing homework. During fifth period, Merz […]

Step away from the Skittles

We are choosing the hard right not the easy wrong, we understand that just because we can doesn’t mean we should and that character not circumstance makes the person, but this has gone too far. This is the Pixie Stick that broke the camel’s back. We want our candy. A ban on soda and candy […]

Web of memories

By Julie Barzilay I remember my first day of seventh grade – it started out in Kate Benton’s office. I was supposed to report there for that strange concept of “Attendance,” which any H-W student will tell you is code for a free period, but which to a brand new scrub seemed highly complex. I […]

Enough frees to go see a flick

By Annie Dreyer In addition to the stress of getting into college and an intense workload, senior year also comes with its benefits — one of which is the privilege to go off campus during free periods. While most seniors flock off campus just to get food or coffee due to a lack of time […]

Despite stress, students take 8 classes

By Annie Dreyer The Student Handbook, meant to lay out the school’s policies on students’ academic and daily lives, says “every upper school student must take five academic classes. Some students may take more than five courses, particularly those who double in foreign languages or take arts or other electives.” Head of Upper School Harry […]

Student Council to distribute winter grams privately, sales exceed expectations

After receiving complaints from the faculty, the middle school student government has decided to distribute winter grams in a more subtle manner to avoid hurt feelings. Instead of handing them out during homeroom, the student government will hand them out during free periods, with less of a student audience. The faculty was concerned that students […]

FAC cancels X periods on 5 days

By Jack Schwada Free periods are canceled today in order for teachers to get acquainted with their students, a letter sent to the faculty this summer stated. The proposition was passed by the Faculty Academic Committee in the spring of last year and will be incorporated in this upcoming school year. Free periods will also […]