Music was medicine for former Khmer Rouge child soldier

Music was medicine for former Khmer Rouge child soldier

In 1975, Cambodia faced a genocide that killed more than 20 percent of its population. Headed by Pol Pot, the Khmer regime murdered, brutalized and dehumanized its own people. Schools were turned into prisons and torture centers that held the elite members of Cambodian society. Just 30 years later, I was given the opportunity to […]

Lights, Cambodia, Action

Lights, Cambodia, Action

Standing in Junom, the village where his mother lived after the Khmer Rouge took her family’s home, William Chow ’17 took out his camera and begins to film the scenery. Chow’s mother is a survivor of the Cambodian genocide that began in 1975, and Chow wanted to tell her story. He said it felt incredible […]

Genocide survivor discusses life story

Cambodian genocide survivor Arn Chorn-Pond spoke about the power of music and shared his life story with students April 13. As a child, Chorn-Pond was forced to play music at the Khmer Rouge death camp, and is one of only 60 children to survive the camp. He was later adopted by an American man and […]

An eye-opening experience

At Harvard-Westlake, students get upset when they don’t get the Mercedes Benz convertible they asked for.  In Rwanda, giving a student an empty water bottle can bring them happiness for the next year.  We hear about the poverty and hardships that the vast population of the world faces.  However, this concept is hard to grasp until […]

'All of her six children were killed'

One thing was immediately noticeable as I stepped off of the plane: the smell of smoke, hanging thickly in the air. Later, I would discover that it was the smell of burnt trash, but at that time, my only thought was, “Finally. Rwanda.” I found out about the Investigative Journalism Adventure to Rwanda last summer […]

Darfur activist visits weekly Darfur Awareness Club meeting

By: Drew Lash   The Darfur Awareness and Activism Training Club hosted Ari Averbach, an employee of Jewish World Watch, at one of their weekly meetings on Monday, March 3.   The club is an activist group that is part of the Jewish World Watch community. Averbach sat in on the meeting as a “point […]