Rejoin reality: quit Instagram

Over a year ago, I decided to delete my Instagram account. Throughout that time, people have often assumed that my parents are imposing their rules on me. My friends have constantly asked me if I have seen a certain post on Instagram, and after remembering that I don’t have one, proceed to nag me about […]

Hold the phone

It is halfway through the period when Rosie* slides her black iPhone out of her  Jansport backback. She turns the volume off and lowers the brightness so the light from the screen doesn’t illuminate her face. After glancing up at her teacher she quickly reads and replies to a text before discretely slipping the phone […]

Instagram: Worth 1,000 Words

Linda* ’13 snaps a photo on her black iPhone 4S of her new puppy, and immediately sends the photo to her friends, asking, “Is this cute enough to Instagram?” Instagram, a popular photo-sharing application for iPhones and Android devices, has become an obsession among some students. To use the application one creates a username and […]