Redefining the route to success

No month is complete without an email from Chaplain James Young with the subject, “Recent honor board cases.” I’ll usually take a minute to scan through the cases, often much of the same: a copied lab report or a project two students collaborated on too much. Nothing really surprises me but I always read on. […]

Integrity: meet us in the middle

The school website states that “Harvard-Westlake’s academic community is defined by our Honor Code.” Every student on campus has signed their name affirming their commitment to uphold the code. In it, we promise to not cheat, not steal and not harm others, and we also promise to be honest with ourselves and our administration. We […]

Huybrechts suggests 'make your mark'

Dear Students, What does it mean to “live with integrity and purpose?” What does it mean to “be a contributing member of society?” Having some answers to those questions is important to us because each question is related to a promise that we, your teachers, have made to you. It is our school’s Mission to […]

Drop gender restrictions

Now, almost 20 years later, Harvard-Westlake is a unified, cohesive school that no longer needs to depend on gender balance to elect leaders that are representational of the students. In this week’s election for Head Prefect, a female candidate is running uncontested. While we are confident in the candidate’s qualifications for office, and while it’s […]