Lunch a place to save – or not

By Jordan Freisleben and Daniel Rothberg With the economy sinking, some students have begun to modify their spending habits in the cafeteria while other students have made no change at all. “I have always bought whatever and will continue to do so,” said Ben Castillo ’11. “Sorry, Mom. Sorry, Dad.” On the other hand, the […]

Renowned jazz artist visits classes

By David Burton and Jordan Freisleben Jazz classes instructed by music teacher Shawn Costantino were taught for a day by a world-renowned jazz musician. The classes performed various songs from their upcoming winter concert for Marcus Miller, (Julian ’09) who recently returned from touring in Europe and Asia. After observing the classes perform, Miller taught […]

Geology teacher initiates trip to save monument

By Jordan McSpadden Geology teacher Wendy Van Norden will take students interested in helping preserve the natural monument, Trona Pinnacles, to Trona, Calif. in December for an overnight trip. They will help with projects that the land management ranger in charge of the monument deems appropriate. Van Norden explained the first project has to do […]

Co-editors of 2007-2008 yearbook announced

The two co-editors in chief for the 2007-2008 yearbook are Anjani Nadadur ’08 and Jordan Bender ’08. The complete 2007-2008 staff will be announced on the final day of yearbook camp, at Pepperdine University, from July 30 to Aug. 3. This will be yearbook adviser Jen Bladen’s second year as adviser. — Jon Lerner

Film Festival screens student-produced film

The student-created short film “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly” was selected for and screened March 8 at the Wildwood Film Festival.  The 5-minute film, starring Charlotte Gordon ’12 and Marka Maberry-Gaulke ’12, was directed by Xochi Maberry-Gaulke ’12, assistant-directed by Roxy Gordon ’12, with directors of photography Jordan Freisleben ’11 and a student […]