Cleaning up after ourselves

Material luxuries aside, Harvard-Westlake gives us the friends, teachers and opportunities that make it a place we can call home. With these things in mind, it’s pretty shocking that an unidentified student vandalized the bronze cougar statue sunbathing near the fountain in Feldman-Horn Plaza. When Feldman-Horn Gallery was constructed and dedicated, the donor family held […]

Take ownership

Editors: Upper School Back-to-School Day was costly for me this year. I arrived about 8 a.m. and parked my car in my assigned faculty spot between Chalmers and Weiler. Nobody was parked on either side of me yet. When I left, shortly after noon, most people had left, and there was nobody parked on either […]

'Do Well and Do Good'

The character theme or motto we introduce each school year usually focuses our attention on a narrow range of behaviors or outcomes. Several years ago the focus was on thoughtful and ethical decision making — choosing the “hard right over the easy wrong.” Another year, the reminder was, “Just because you can doesn’t mean you […]