Take ownership

James Hur


Upper School Back-to-School Day was costly for me this year.

I arrived about 8 a.m. and parked my car in my assigned faculty spot between Chalmers and Weiler. Nobody was parked on either side of me yet.

When I left, shortly after noon, most people had left, and there was nobody parked on either side of me.

But there was a significant dent on the fender of my car, on the driver’s side, between the door and the front. Really no way I could have caused that dent myself, unless I could drive sideways.

It is going to cost $580 to repair, and I will need to rent a car for three or four days to get back and forth to school.

What probably happened was that someone drove past that empty space, went back to the faculty lot, circled, and then tried to get into the rather narrow empty slot, and accidentally bumped my fender. Or maybe they came straight from Coldwater and tried to back in and accidentally hit my fender.

It probably didn’t make a big crunching noise. Perhaps the driver didn’t even know that they had damaged my car. At least, that’s what I’d like to hope. Because it is dismaying to think that someone in our community would hit another car, and not even leave a note.

Kathy Neumeyer

Head of Upper School Communications